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A parent asks: ‘How does Maths 4 Parents help me?’

There’s more than one way parents can use Maths4Parents videos to help themselves, as well as their children:

A maths tutor - whenever and wherever you need one!

If you’re a parent short on time but with a child who needs immediate help with maths, you can purchase the appropriate video or playlist and leave your child to work through it independently. Just like having a maths tutor, but for a lot less cost, and with the advantage of being able to go over a lesson as often as needed, whenever your child needs.

Let your child see you as a confident mathematician

If you want to understand what it is your child is working on, you can watch the videos on your own before helping your child. In this way, you will feel confident that you’re helping in the ‘right’ way, and your child will see a parent who’s confident with maths. (Also, you won’t get the “But Miss Jones says we can’t do it that way!”)

Show your child good learning habits

You can sit with your child and watch the videos together; in this way you are relaying to your child that learning is a lifelong skill: it takes practice, and even grown-ups have to do this sometimes. Often, children find this way of working useful as they can relay to their parent what they remember doing in class.

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