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What do I get from Maths4Parents?

You get access to Maths Tutoring, whenever and wherever you need it, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Private Tutor. Take a look at this link that will take you to a playlist of videos explaining Equivalent Fractions: Equivalent Fractions Playlist.

No need to sign up. No obligation. Just watch, enjoy and learn!

How do I buy access to Maths4Parents tutorial videos?

This will depend on whether you have made a one-off purchase or a subscription.

When you purchase an individual video or playlist, you will be sent an email that contains a direct link to the video or playlist requested. You will be able to access only the video or playlist you have purchased and can watch your video or playlist as often as you need.

Often, videos are added to playlists; you will have automatic access to all videos added to the playlist - for no extra cost!

If you have a subscription, you will be sent an email when you first subscribe. This will contain your password and a link to the Maths 4 Parents website, where you can then access all videos. You can type your password into the Voucher Code section of the checkout to receive your videos for no cost. You will automatically receive an email containing the links to the playlists you have requested.

I don’t always have time to sit with my child doing homework. Can children watch the videos on their own?

Absolutely! Maths4Parents videos are wholly suitable for children to go through independently – the next best thing to a private tutor – as well as being perfect for helping parents feel more confident during those times when they are able to help.

I’m not sure what level my child is at in the different areas of maths. How do I know which videos are more suitable?

If you purchase access to a playlist for the area your child is working on, you will see that the videos start from the very basics and go up to the more difficult stuff. You can start from where you or your child think you should start; if the content of that video seems too difficult, you can go back to some of the previous ones; if it’s too easy, you can try a later one.

These videos are not set for specific ages or year groups, so there’s no reason for your child to feel as if they’re working on ’baby’ stuff if they’re not working at national expectations

My child is in year six but working at a much lower level. How do I know which videos are appropriate?

If your child is working on a specific area of maths, you can find the playlist for that section and work out what you child already knows, then start with the video they need to make progress.

Sometimes it’s good for children who are not confident to watch a video they find ‘easy’ as that boosts their self-esteem, and as none of the videos are labelled for a particular age, there’s no need for your child to feel concerned.

I’m not sure which package is better for me. Is a subscription more cost-effective than one-off purchases?

It really depends on how often you think you will need to use the videos. One-off purchases of individual videos are very inexpensive and a good way of testing how well your child responds to video tutorials. If you try a couple and your child gets on really well, it’s worth considering a subscription so you have access to everything whenever is convenient for you.

If, however, your child doesn’t struggle with many maths concepts, a subscription might mean you’re paying more than you need, so a few one-off purchases might be better.

My child is at secondary school but really struggles with maths. Do any of Maths 4 Parents videos cover secondary maths?

Yes. Many of the concepts learned in primary school are covered again in secondary, and many of the Maths 4 Parents videos go up to a Foundation GCSE level.

My child’s maths has improved so much that we no longer need to use Maths 4 Parents videos. Can I cancel my subscription?

If you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time. As long as you cancel more than five days before your next subscription payment, you will not be charged for the following month’s subscription. If the Maths4Parents videos have helped, please email me a testimonial

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